Older Adults

“I believe older adults are underserved by the psychotherapeutic community.” – Jeff Piper

Jeff Piper is one of the few therapists in the St. Louis area who specializes in working with older adults and their families.

He has been privileged to treat this population for many years. His five years as Director of Resident Services at a local senior housing complex have given him a unique perspective into the myriad issues experienced by the elderly and by their adult caregivers. In addition, his Master of Social Work degree – specializing in mental health and gerontology – gave him a deep academic grounding in this field.

Help for Older Adults:

While many adults are fortunate to find joy and satisfaction in their later years, others have periods when they have trouble coping with the losses they face. Whether they grieve for a loved one, struggle to find meaning after retirement, or grapple with declining health or mental status – many older adults experience bouts of depression or anxiety. They may think this is the natural result of aging, but that’s not the case. “Old” doesn’t have to mean “sad.”

Jeff knows the stresses, fears and difficulties that accompany the aging process.

His caring, patient approach to counseling can offer much-needed reassurance to elderly clients, allowing them to give voice to fears and concerns they may be hesitant to share with loved ones. Jeff believes that psychotherapy can be a positive force in the lives of older adults, having seen marked improvements in the mental health of people well into their 90’s.

Help for Caregivers:

Caring for an increasingly dependent older adult often takes a toll on the spouse or adult children. Jeff helps family members cope with the guilt and grief that can accompany this tough job. In addition, he can help them sort through the hard choices and logistical dilemmas they might face when their aging spouse or parent is in declining health or is experiencing mental incapacity.