Most of Jeff Piper’s experience in private practice has been in working with individual clients. He values the one-on-one relationship that develops during the therapeutic experience. He has experience helping people with a variety of problems, ranging from grief and loss of important relationships to conditions like depression, anxiety, and anger.

Grief/Loss of Important Relationships

Grief is an often misunderstood and very complex process that occurs when people that are important to us leave our lives, whether by death, divorce, or other separations. It is often assumed that “time heals all wounds” and that there is a fixed set of stages people go through as they come to terms with their loss.

However, everyone grieves differently, and each person’s grief experience is unique to them. When people have trouble imagining that they can ever recover their happiness and joy of living, psychotherapy can provide them with a path back to a fulfilling life.


Depression can range in severity from a completely incapacitating illness to a mild but persistent loss of interest in things that used to bring meaning and joy. This condition can cause people not only to feel sad, but to become irritable, forgetful, detached and unmotivated.

With the wide variety of medications available to treat depression, many people believe psychotherapy is not necessary. But countless studies have shown that the most effective treatment of depression is the combination of medication and therapy. Jeff has often seen dramatic improvement resulting from psychotherapy in a short period of time.


People with anxiety issues range from those with a palpable feeling of fear and/or panic to those who just have trouble managing life’s everyday stresses. People suffering from anxiety often resort to alcohol, drugs or other negative behaviors to cope with their feelings of being overwhelmed.

But people suffering from anxiety do not have to live with impaired daily functioning or constant conflicts in their social relationships. Psychotherapy can provide a safe, quiet environment in which to process and gain control over anxious feelings.


Anger is a normal human emotion that we all occasionally experience. But if anger is an increasingly constant part of your daily life that threatens to derail your relationships, your job or your family life, then you need to learn new ways to handle these very powerful feelings. Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to explore the root causes of anger while at the same time offering new ways to lessen its intensity and reduce the damage it causes.