Clients Served


Whether his client is an individual, a couple, an older adult or family member – Jeff Piper believes in working closely with each person to help him or her find solutions that work.

Both Jeff and the client work together on what he or she wants to get out of therapy. They set the “agenda” together. They also decide together how often they’ll meet. The frequency of the sessions can range from five times a week to one time a month. The most common schedule is once a week.

Their work together is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL. Jeff has taken a professional oath to protect each client’s identity and personal information. No one will find out who his clients are unless they themselves want the information disclosed. There’s not even a sign identifying his practice on the outside of his office building.

Clients can discuss fees when they meet with Jeff for the first appointment. He offers a sliding fee scale for those in financial need.

Clients Served: Individuals | Couples | Older Adults & Their Families


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